Film Criticism = Critical Thinking in Action

How can using the elements of film criticism we explored together help you (and others) examine other arts (music, TV, video games, literature, etc.)

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Movies and films are a form of art so in turn means that some of the same tactics, philosophies, and lessons needed to watch, examine, and examine movies critically can be used to look at and review other types of art, possibly just in various different ways since not all types of art have the same aspects. Arts can include paintings, shows, books, music, dance, and theater.

Baggage is an example of a concept we learned in this course that can be applied to other things. Bias and baggage can affect your view on anything you have baggage or bias on, this includes shows, music, books,etc. So in turn that means that if we set aside our baggage on films to fairly review or enjoy then we can do the same with other arts like shows, paintings,etc.

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Another subject we learned that can be applied to reviewing other arts could be sound design, sound is usually everywhere in art, such as music and the theater. Sound can be used for multiple things, even show feeling and foreshadowing. An example would be a solo in a song or a suspenseful drumming in the background for tension. Even when there isn’t sound like in a silent play/movie you can imagine the sound and the feelings that are supposed to be there,for example a picture of a busy kitchen, you can hear the clattering and buzz in your head.

This same concept can be with color, even if there are no visuals you can imagine a cornfield in the night if it was described. You can see the colors in a painting or in a play so the same ideas apply. Colors have always represented things and they are usually there for a reason.So since they are so important in the setting and tone of movies the same can be said for other things as well. Black in paintings symbolize death or evil and that can go for any other thing as well, blue can symbolize tranquility in both, green can represent nature, and the list goes on.

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There are many more subjects that can be connected to other arts but those are the ones I could think of instantly. The things we learned in this course can help you better evaluate, describe, and (hopefully) enjoy all types of arts whether it be a painting, a movie, or a song you heard on the radio.

Peter Tuong 5/10/19

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