An Incredible Watching Experience

The Incredibles (2004)

Minute one

What was the director’s name? The director for The Incredibles was Brad Bird. Bird has worked on both live-action films and animated films, other than The Incredibles he has directed other animated films like, Incredibles 2 (2018), Ratatouille (2007), and The Iron Giant (1999). He has only directed two live-action films by the time of this post and they are Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011) and Tomorrowland (2015).

Brad Bird

What was the single best scene in the film?For me the best scene would have to be the scene with Frozone when he is looking for his superhero suit and his wife starts to scold him. This scene happened when the end action was starting to pick up so it was a good unexpected humor scene.

Who gave the best performance?I honestly think that the entire voice actors did great and that they all contributed equally so I would say that all of the main cast/voice actors, aside from the regular henchmen voices, gave the best performance.

Minute two

Was this the most perfect film you have seen in your life?This was not the most perfect film I have ever seen but it is a great one. Maybe if you asked the six or seven year old me that watched it back then it would hit top three but now I think it is in the top ten. The reason for this is because the film was released in 2004 so movies now have better animation and better looking scenes (I’m not saying the incredibles had bad animation, it’s just that animation now has gotten a lot better).

Was it the absolutely worst film you have ever seen? I don’t know what movie I would consider the absolutely worst but a movie that comes to my mind when I think of bad has to be The Last Airbender, because of the CGI and bad acting

What is your “gut feeling” grade? It may change in the next eight minutes.My gut feeling grade for this movie would have to be a quite high A, the animation is consistent and pretty amazing, and the story is good but the thing that doesn’t give it the one hundred/perfect A is that the story and setting is a little wonky and both fast and slow at times, for example the setting changed from a remote island jungle to a city in a matter of a few minutes, and how Syndrome ended up not being incontrol of his robot so it was just technically the robot as the villain in the end.

Minute three

Is this the best or worst film you have seen by this director? The only movies I have watched that was by Brad Bird are: The Incredibles, Incredibles 2, Ratatouille, and Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol. These movies are all great and were all successful and more on the positive side of the critical reviews. So making it hard to choose the best or worst one, but if I had to choose the worst one it would be The Mission: Impossible one because I don’t remember it as well as the others and the series was already beginning to feel drawn out.

Where on the scale would you put it (from best to worst)? I would put The Incredibles on the top of his movie list because of how much of a classic it is and also because of how I basically was grown on movies like it and that can affect me.

Minute Four

How is this film similar to the director’s other films?This movie, like most of his other films and works, was animated and it was also well received like most of his other works, the story also had more adult themes like some of his other movies like Ratatouille and even Incredibles 2.

How is it different? It is different because it is one of his more younger work and it was the first of his to mix superheroes and families.

Minute Five

How many interesting characters did the writer create? The movie had a handful of interesting characters and I think only a handful, the movie focused more on the family so of course the family would be interesting but every other character was a more static and flat character.

Did the dialogue feel real (authentic and organic), or did it feel forced (fake) or hollow?As I said before the voice acting was great and very real and believable like the teen in Violet and the middle age crisis in Mr.Incredible.

Could you predict events or plot twists before the writer revealed them?Some of the events were predictable such as the villian but the story was fresh in many aspects like the road that led to all the conflict so it wasn’t all too predictable.

Did the character conflicts /crisis situations seem real or artificial (or forced)?What emotions did you feel when watching the film? I do not think the conflict seemed artificial, the voices in all the main characters sounded exactly like their roles, even the unsteady and close to failing marriage between Mr and Mrs Incredible

Minute Six

Examine the acting.

Did the stars of the film act exactly as they do in all other films you’ve seen them in?Looking at the cast for the The Incredibles I don’t recognize anybody but Samuel L. Jackson and he definitely didn’t act like he does in his other movies since this movie was targeted at the younger kid audiences. But this role is different from his other films that are considerably vulgar.

Were you drawn to the characters? Or just the stars? Did it matter?I was drawn to the characters but they weren’t the star characters, I was more drawn to Frozone and Edna more than anyone else in the movie. Focusing on the characters was important to the story because of how it showed the development of a family but I was just drawn in more with some of the side characters.

Did the characters seem real within the story, within the “created world” you witnessed? The characters and voices did seem real within the story and with the pain and emotions in the story and world, like the anger in Syndromes voice that was directed towards Mr. Incredible.

Minute Seven

Were you absorbed into the film or more absorbed into your popcorn?I was definitely more absorbed into the movie rather than my snacks because the plot was definitely there and interesting.

Was there a message? There were multiple messages in this movie and two I can instantly think of is that you can count on your family and that you should be truthful and try not to hide your desires, these can be seen when the family shows incredible teamwork and is able to take down the robot and villain. Also when we see Mr. Incredible kept the truth from his family and caused conflict and tension between everyone.

Was there a sense of truth you could feel about the lives of characters on the screen?There was a sense of truth in the family, especially seen in the kids and their interactions and moods. There is the sibling rivalry and the teen and child stereotypes(the not wanting to be seen and the hyperactivity of kids) that are still common in today’s times.

Minute Eight

Was there any part of the film that you would enjoy talking about with a friend? There are many parts that I would talk to a friend about like the fight scene the Super Suit scene, or the island infiltration part of the movie.

Did the film have any rhythm or pace to it? The film did have a pace in the beginning telling the backstory and the context of the film but the end of the movie was more rushed with the villains and the fighting as well as the setting change. I would say that it was only a little bit jumbled near the end but the pacing before was steady and believable.

Technical Aspects Looking back at the movie a technical aspect that was lacking for me were some of the character designs and models, some of the characters looked very poorly animated and it showed in their screen time. Something that shined was the colors and scenery when there was action, like the jungle scene were the colors and the night mix well together and it looks real (animation movie wise).

Minute Nine and Minute Ten

Verdict; offer a summary of the film’s story in a few short sentences; share your analysis. Give your report card grade.
Overall, I think that this movie is a 2000s classic and it does a great job following a family and the impacts a ban on superheroes had on that superhero family and how they cope and change to that ban and eventually become better together. My grade for this movie is still the same as I said before, it deserves a high A in my eyes.

Peter Tuong 5/6/19

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